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TF2 Keyboard and mouse bindings

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No mouse sensitivity. That’s something that has to be calibrated yourself. Depending on how meticulous you want to be, Raziel’s guide can help. It’s not for TF2, but the tips therein apply to anyone needing to improve their hit-scan aim.

By the way, all bindings can be set in-game.

Mouse bindings:

  • Mouse click (MOUSE3) is drop flay
  • Right click (MOUSE2) is duck (from TFC)
  • Thumb side button (MOUSE5) is secondary fire. I can just roll my thumb to zoom, det, uber, etc.
  • Mouse wheel up (MWHEELUP) is my slot 1 / primary weapon
  • Mouse wheel down (MWHEELDOWN) is my slot 3 / melee weapon. In general the mouse weapon binds are not high priority for me

Keyboard binds:

  • W A S D, SPACE for typical movement and jump, respectively
  • Q for either slot 2 / secondary weapon, or last weapon used, which is more often than not the slot 2 anyway. Since it’s really close to the movement keys I can switch out fast
  • V is in-game voice. It’s possible for me to keep moving while holding V down to speak.
  • CAPS is external (Ventrilo) voice. These can be interchanged, depending on whether you value in-game or external chat more. My rationale is that since CAPS is a bit harder to get to, it should be for the voice that I value less. Why do I value in-game more? Call it superstition, but I feel that in-game voice should have less delay than some external application routed along its own network.
  • R is reload. I’ve never had a problem reloading while moving, but YMMV

On top of all that, I have a class-specific medic.cfg, based on the Auto-Medigun script. Instead of PGDN, I use F to toggle, also because it’s close to my movement keys. It also doesn’t hurt that I used F to prime grenades in TFC. You’ll also notice that the config has the same mouse wheel binds for weapon slots, in order to toggle the Medigun off.


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November 1, 2008 at 11:10 pm

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