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Scout: A sense of self-preservation

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Check out some of the demos of carnage. Just make sure to read-only your config files before doing so.

He has fantastic aim, but besides being entertained by watching him run around and destroy people in two shots with the scattergun, you should take note of his play style. You may assume that he rolls anyone he comes across, but watching these demos it’s, simply not true. Besides being a great shot, he’s also very aware.

It’s been said that he is/was a top Quake player, and I can believe it. Go to QuadV, or WeGame, or even YouTube and look for recordings of tournaments for Quake of any incarnation. He plays TF2 in much the same vein as a 1v1.

What do you do in a Quake 1v1? Besides from collecting weapons, because you can’t in TF2. Apart from that, you control the megahealth, and control the red armor, and if you’re rolling you’ll control the yellow armor too. Well you don’t have armor in TF2, and you can’t really hog the health from the rest of the team. So how does this translate?

Get buffed. It’s not quite a double health stack, but you take what you can get.

Now suppose that you are fighting someone and you’re hit down to half health, or lower. What do you do? Go for gold and try for the kill? Or do you turn the hell around and run away? More often than not, carnage runs away. How much health his opponent may have tends to not really factor into the decision, but escape routes do.

If he thinks he stands a good chance of getting away (1v1, against non-scout, many against many), he’ll bail out. If he stands almost no chance (1v1 against scout, or 2+ against with a scout that could chase him), then he sticks it out, maybe get a kill before it’s traded back.

This is all supposition. I don’t claim that he thinks in exactly this fashion, but there’s no denying that he has an acute desire to stay alive.

And this is not the way to play scout. But given that staying buffed and running away has worked out extremely well for him, it seems to at least be one of the better ways to play scout.


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November 2, 2008 at 2:08 am

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